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ADC during sleep mode

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Analog to Digital Conversion during Sleep mode example

About this Code Example

* Analog to Digital Conversion during Sleep mode example for
* PIC18F46J11.
* This example samples an analog voltage from RA0/AN0 taken
* during Sleep mode and prints the results out to the UART
* on RC6/TX1.
* Sleep mode can sometimes provide less noisy A/D conversions
* than conversions done with the rest of the microcontroller
* continuing to operate.
* Config Bits Settings:   
*   Watch dog timer is disabled
*   Extended instruction mode is disabled
*   Oscillator is configured as HS (10MHz)


Release History

  • Jul 22, 2011

    Version: 1.0.0

    first upload to ECS

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  • Current Version:1.0.0
  • Created:Jul 22, 2011
  • Updated:Feb 26, 2015
  • Downloads:5202
  • MPLAB Version:latest
  • C Compiler:C18 v3.34 or above
  • Development Tools:n/a
  • Supported Devices:PIC18F46J11

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