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Halt Notifier

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The HaltNotifier provides the ability to customize any action when target gets halted. Notifications can be customized with actions e.g. sending mail, audio alert, running scripts based on the user's need.  It requires MPLAB X IDE 3.30 or above.

About this Software

To install:

  1. Make sure any existing HaltNotifier (Trial) plugin on your system has been uninstalled from Tools > Plugins > Installed tab.
  2. Unzip the downloaded ZIP file to two .nbm files on your hard drive.
  3. Select Tools > Plugins from the IDE menu.
  4. Select the Downloaded tab in the Plugins window.
  5. Click the Add Plugins... button to add the two .nbm files, one by one.
  6. Make sure the Install checkboxes for both HaltNotifier and Plugin Update Services plugins are checked.
  7. Click the Install button and follow the instructions to finish installation.


Release History

  • Apr 19, 2016

    Version: 1.0.7

    1.0.7 Release version

  • Sep 11, 2015

    Version: 1.0.1

    Initial Release

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  • Current Version:1.0.7
  • Created:Sep 11, 2015
  • Updated:Apr 20, 2016
  • Downloads:1
  • MPLAB Version:MPLABX IDE 3.30
  • C Compiler:Any
  • Development Tools:Any
  • Supported Devices:Any

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