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Processing logic signals at the inputs of the microcontroller


In modern designs using microcontrollers in the management of the objects have to deal with the processing logic signals, which can contain a large amount of noise. This interference can be caused by contact bounce of mechanical devices, and electromagnetic effects, which may be present in the environment. This is especially true for devices intended for use at industrial sites with high levels of electromagnetic interference.

About this Code Example

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You find in the demonstration program not only algorithm of inquiry of ports and struggle against undesirable noises, and also an example of an input function of the data from buttons of the keypad of the device.



Release History

  • Oct 17, 2011

    Version: 1.0.0

    This algorithm is tested also by success works on our devices with usage of series of microcontrollers PIC16 and PIC18.

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  • Current Version:1.0.0
  • Created:Oct 18, 2011
  • Updated:Feb 26, 2015
  • Downloads:7433
  • MPLAB Version:v8.76
  • C Compiler:HI-TECH C for the PIC10/12/16 MCU Family v.9.83
  • Development Tools:ICD2
  • Supported Devices:PIC16, PIC18

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