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Now Available...Sell your Snip on the Embedded Code Source!

By Microchip Technology | Posted on 03.05.15

Hello Embedded Code Source Community:

Would you like to contribute to the Embedded Code Source and make money doing it?  Now you can!

Simply list your code snip, software utility tool or MPLAB Plug-in as a Developer.

Quick and easy steps to get started:

  • Step 1 – Visit the site at EmbeddedCodeSource.com and login with your Developer credentials.  If you are not a Developer yet, apply now!
  • Step 2 – Navigate to the left navigation and click on Code Examples → Create Example
  • Step 3 – Complete all required items marked with an asterisk; for Select Distribution*, choose “For Pay”
  • Step 4 – We will get notified of your request and will walk through the rest of the process with you.

It’s as easy as that!

Any questions, please email us at ECSDeveloperSupport@microchip.com.

Best Regards,

Microchip’s Embedded Code Source Team

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